Just announced! We recently made a new training session available to our members which is being facilitated on the 24th February at 1pm by the amazing charity Attitude is Everything! The Disability Equality and Customer Care Training is an introductory course designed to be the first step to help you and your organisations build a staffing team with a rounded concept of access and inclusion. The training covers disability and the UK today, the equality act, lays the foundation for a social model of disability and helps build a foundation of language and vocabulary.

So far, we have already facilitated two of these training sessions with JPN members, which have been attended by venue owners, promoters, artists and anyone who creates events! If you’re able to spare the time, we would really encourage getting involved with the training sessions; at JPN, we truly believe that we can pave the way in the Jazz Sector in the UK and Ireland to affect positive change in the accessibility of music events, and provide an example of how jazz music events at the grassroots level and upwards can be open and welcoming to all!

Click here and sign up today!

In addition to this, we will soon be announcing another two training sessions toward the end of Spring and Summer – these include training around relaxed performances and accessible communication! However, in order to attend these, you will have needed to attend one of the Disability and Equality Customer Care training sessions, so make sure to sign-up today! More information on these sessions is included below:

Relaxed performances

This module has been designed by Attitude is Everything in collaboration with Touretteshero. Relaxed  performances are performances that offer a warm welcome to people who find it difficult to follow the usual conventions of gig or concert behaviour. This can include: people with learning disabilities, movement disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, other neurological conditions, those with young children or babies and people with Tourettes syndrome.

We look at: 

• What do the marketing team need to know and how to market? 

• Policy and operation requirements and implications. 

• How can or if the performance needs to be adapted and what needs to be thought about. 

• What your customer facing teams need to know. 

Accessible Communication

Making your event accessible is not just about meeting your legal obligations or doing what is morally  ‘right’. It’s also a brilliant way to tap into an additional market and increase the number of customers who  come to your event. The number of Deaf and disabled people attending live music at venues and festivals  Attitude is Everything work with grew up by 26% between 2015 and 2016 and the economic impact of  ticket sales to disabled customers was worth an estimated £7.5 million. This is great news for promoters.  However in order to increase the number of Deaf and disabled customers at your event, it is important to  market your event in an accessible manner. Our “Accessible Marketing” bolt-on is aimed at anyone  involved in the promoting and advertising of live music. 

We will look at: 

• What makes marketing materials accessible 

• Web and social media 

• Print copy 

• Marketing to impairment-specific groups 

• Sensory stories and creative approaches

Dates for these sessions will be announced soon! In the meantime, make sure you sign-up to the disability equality and customer care training to make sure you’re eligible!