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Jazz Promotion Network is an organisation dedicated to sharing best practice for professional and volunteer jazz promoters in the UK and Ireland.

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The Jazz Promotion Network aims to:

  • create collaborations which will build audiences for a jazz and related musics
  • support the development of skills and opportunities for artists and promoters
  • encourage and enable partnerships and communications between members
  • create mechanisms for co-commissioning, touring, and other collective projects
  • facilitate and enable collaborations, partnerships and communications with other organisations in the UK and Ireland and internationally
  • support and link with education and participation activity in jazz at all levels
  • contribute to advocacy and awareness of jazz and related musics
  • help foster growth in the jazz ecology

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We recently held our 2017 conference in Leeds. The general consensus appears to be that this was highly successful. We are collating the outcomes from the conference and will post these in the next few weeks.

Membership is open to a wide variety of organisations and people who promote, or support the promotion of, live jazz.

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