Be part of the UK and Ireland's only jazz-specific network of creatives and industry professionals

£55 p/a – for individuals, and freelancers

£55 p/a – for volunteer organisations

£160 p/a – for professional organisations up to 3 FTE staff

£260 p/a – for professional organisations up to 3 or more FTE staff

The Jazz Promotion Network brings together and empowers the voices of all those working within the jazz sector in the UK and Ireland. We believe that jazz and improvised music should be embedded within our cultural identity and that this music has importance and value for our society. As a network of professionals, creatives and everyone in between, our aim is to revolutionise the place jazz holds within the music ecology and grow the sector through a diverse, vibrant and innovative community.

Benefits of being a JPN Member

Annual Conference

One free ticket or discounted tickets to attend our annual conference (two tickets for large organisations). Our flagship annual event is the highlight of the jazz industry’s calendar throughout Ireland and the UK and includes discussions, training, talks, performances and networking.

Member Meet-ups

Hangout with those from across the membership, network with many of the key figures throughout the industry and join topical discussions on current issues. 

Public Liability Insurance

Join our scheme and get significantly reduced public liability insurance if you run events. The scheme is run by Musicians Insurance Services and starts form £100 (excluding Tax), reduced from £250 (excluding tax).


Focused training sessions giving insight and top tips on important topics. To date this has covered business planning, fundraising, improving accessibility, data analytics and much more.

Get involved

Eligibility to be involved with our ongoing projects – Partner projects which have now finished include Going Dutch Programme with Dutch Performing Arts, Case Studies with Attitude is Everything and the Emerging Artists programme.


Where possible, being a member gives you access to important showcases, launches and networking opportunities, as well as encouraging collaboration between members.

Resource Hub

Get access to our member’s resource hub – coming soon. Including training resources, reports, research and tip sheets.


Representation at jazzahead! at our UK and Ireland conference stand (excluding 2021)