Amazing Dutch music for audiences and promoters around Britain and Ireland across four wonderful years.

With the generosity of Dutch Performing Arts our Going Dutch scheme has provided substantial support for PR and travel and accommodation costs for the past four years.

The Going Dutch project – a collaboration between JPN and Dutch Performing Arts, who generously supported the project throughout – connected Dutch artists to venues and audiences around Britain and Ireland over the course of four wonderful years.

On these pages you can find out all about the artists, where they played and the promoters who worked with them.  Read the detailed report of the project here and view the videos here that sums up the full scope of the project and the enthusiasm that it produced.

The close relationship that Going Dutch established between JPN and the Netherlands continues, with a commitment to provide links, information and advice for artists and promoters interested in touring, discovering, promoting or collaborating with Dutch artists.  To find out more just email goingdutch@jazzpromotionnetwork.co.uk with your enquiry and we’ll go from there.

Going Dutch showed, once again, that there is a distinct thread of friendship and common understanding between the Netherlands and the nations of the British Isles expressed in many ways and never more so than in jazz. Despite the harsh distraction of Brexit and the even harsher interruption caused by Covid-19, the legacy of Going Dutch can be sustained long after the end of the formal 4-year partnership. JPN promoters can still follow their interest and request invitations to gigs or festivals of interest in the Netherlands. Dutch bands can still pursue relationships and bookings with JPN promoters and musicians and both can look to their home nations, if necessary, for funding and support to help tours, projects and reciprocal collaborations happen. And JPN can still provide a source of help and advice on both sides and maintain the connections that this project, with special thanks to DPA, has so generously and happily established.