Why might jazz promoters need insurance?

Let’s face it, insurance isn’t a particularly glamourous topic in the jazz promoting world, but promoters should consider carefully whether they have adequate cover in the event of injury to members of the public attending gigs, or accidental damage to the premises in which they operate.

Sometimes the venue’s own insurance may cover this, but in many cases the venue’s liability only covers injury caused by the structure of the building (e.g. a ceiling collapsing) or action by their own employees, which would not include third party jazz promoters.

Larger venues may also contractually require you to have public liability cover to use their venue.

How JPN can help!

JPN has set up a group Public Liability policy for jazz promoters, in conjunction with Musicians Insurance Services, who already run a similar scheme for folk music promoters. This scheme is most suitable for promoters operating in venues up to 500 capacity.

However the 500 cut-off is not absolute. If you use slightly larger venues please discuss your circumstances with the insurers, they may be willing to include these on your policy. Larger scale promoters and festivals are welcome to contact the insurers to obtain quotes for their own specific requirements.

What’s included?

The main features of the standard policy include:

  • Public Liability cover of £5 million.
  • Covers gigs at more than one venue if needed, as the policy is in the name of the promoter.
  • Covers injury to members of the public, claims of proven negligence against the promoter, and accidental damage to the venue (£250 excess on the latter).
  • Available for promoters throughout the UK but not in the Republic of Ireland. JPN is investigating cover for members in RoI. The standard policy costs £112 per annum (£100 for the policy + £12 insurance tax)

What’s not included?

  • Extensions to the policy are available to cover injury to volunteers working with you (about £50 extra per annum), and damage to equipment owned by the promoter when stored at the venue e.g. pianos, PA equipment (costs vary depending on value of equipment).
  • If you pay anyone who supports you to promote gigs (rather than volunteers), you may need to look into Employers Liability Insurance. (Irish promoters click here).

What to do next:

If you are interested in joining this scheme, please get in touch with Musicians Insurance Services, mentioning the Jazz Promotion Network scheme: Mark Prendergast 01246 589709 mark(at)musiciansinsurance(dot)co.uk.

Any other queries, Mark (above), or John Blandford (administrator(at)jazzpromotionnetwork.org.uk) can answer any queries regarding the scheme.

Content by John Blandford.