Happy New Year! I trust you had a restful break over the holidays. You will no doubt be aware of the immediate challenges faced by everyone in the jazz sector at this time – namely Brexit and the continuing restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. To help you weather the storm, we’ve carefully selected a list of resources to help you through the coming weeks and months ahead. Where possible, we have tried to breakdown guidance with regards to live streaming, travel support and the Brexit checklist.

The UK has officially left the European Union as of 00:00 on the 1st January 2020. This means it has now left the EU single market and customs unions, which will in turn result in a significant change for all business and self-employed workers living or based in the UK. This will also mean Businesses in Ireland will have to adapt how they work with UK businesses in the future. Below we have included resources relating to the following topics:


FAC – Brexit: A summary of things you need to know

IMC – Visa Summary

UK – EU Arts work 

User manual – Short stay Schengen calculator

Arts Info Point UK

Mobility Information Points



Creative Europe – Roots to the UK from Europe


Avalara VAT Live

Personal Data


Live Streaming


General Resources

MPA – general resources (Corona Virus and Brexit)

Webinars through ICAEW are being organised here 

AIM resources for Brexit

MU Brexit Guidance

Creative Europe UK Desk

We will be returning to these resources at the end of the month with the publication of our monthly newsletter and will be writing our own resources, distilling the Government’s information so that its specific with help for our members and everyone in the jazz sector. If you have any resources that aren’t included here and you think would be useful for us to share, please email Daniel Garel at comms@jazzpromotionnetwork.org.uk. Please click on the link below to find out more.