JPN Presents: LOOK OUT!

Two days of inspiring speakers from the creative industries and beyond; debate, reflect, share and celebrate Jazz in the UK and Ireland.

June 13-14 / Turner Sims, Southampton

A broad spectrum of today's most pressing jazz industry topics


From questions about redefining merit to lessons we can learn looking outside of the jazz industry, this programme is designed to challenge the ways we view issues of audience building, diversity and inclusion within the jazz sector.

Discussion Groups

In addition to our keynote speakers, we have panels and discussion groups designed to get you involved and thinking about how you can become a more active participant in helping our industry grow.


Both of the conference days have two or more networking sessions built into the programme, allowing you to build new relationships, plan meetups and create actions plans that span past the end of the conference.

1-on-1 Drop Ins

Musicians Union are offering one-on-one drop in sessions during the event for personalised conversations, feedback and advice. It will be possible to sign up in advance so the session best fits into your schedule.

Evening Showcases

End your first evening at Look Out! with great music from Camilla George Quartet, Nikki Yeoh Solo and Tim Garland’s Weather Walker Trio. We want you to hear some of the best and brightest while you’re here!



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Turner Sims / Southampton, UK