Improvised Music Company, working through its export bureau, Music From Ireland, itself an initiative of Culture Ireland, joined forces with Jazz From Scotland to debut Virtual Reality Showcasing of Irish and Scottish jazz artists at jazzahead! 2018.

Improvised Music Company, partnered with Jazz from Scotland at jazzahead! in 2018, with the joint support of Culture Ireland and Creative Scotland. In addition to a much larger presence due to this collaboration, this year Ireland and Scotland respectively debuted over 30 bands in Virtual Reality, a first for jazzahead!. With over 3200 jazz programmers, bookers, labels, agents and journalists in attendance, the goal was to have “a captive audience of one”.

Showcase in your face!

With so many countries represented at this international jazz trade fair, the idea was to create an impact through the use of technology for a unique single user experience so, we loaded up our VR gear and noise cancelling headphones to give these professionals a completely unique view of jazz and improvised music from Ireland and Scotland.

See their reactions in the short video above!

The track used in this video is ‘Magnet Paste‘ (written by Darragh William O’Ceallaigh) by Irish band, OKO.