• Kaja Draksler
  • Even Sanne
  • ICP Orchestra
  • Eric Vloeimans
  • Han Bennink

Grown out of a Dutch Performing Arts commissioned research survey, Going Dutch is a new JPN-Dutch Performing Arts joint initiative to create opportunities for audiences in the UK and Republic of Ireland to hear a wider range of Dutch artists.

In order to identify and assess artists that would be appropriate for promotion by JPN members, it was seen as essential that there should be opportunities for promoters to hear the musicians playing live to audiences, in The Netherlands or the UK and RoI, with other digital opportunities used to complement this experience.

A programme of invitations for JPN members (including broadcasters and journalists as well as promoters) to festivals and events in The Netherlands as well as Going Dutch programmes in the UK have taken place and will continue as the collaboration grows stronger. See below for upcoming UK and RoI tour dates.

Upcoming Dates 2017

Date Location Artist Website
24 June Glasgow Jazz Festival Kaja Draksler www.kajadraksler.com
26 June Leeds Eric Vloeimans’ Oliver’s Cinema http://ericvloeimans.nl/
2 August Manchester Jazz Festival Kaja Draksler  
3 August Manchester Jazz Festival Even Sanne www.evensanne.com
10-12 August Cafe Oto – 3 Day Residency Han Bennink http://www.hanbennink.com/
10 August Cafe Oto – Day 1 Mary Oliver Duo
Pat Thomas Duo
10 August Cafe Oto – Day 2 Steve Noble Duo
Alexander Hawkins Duo
Terrie Ex Duo
10 August Cafe Oto – Day 3 Spring Heel Jack Trio
Steve Beresford Duo
20-26 August Dartington Eric Vloeimans http://ericvloeimans.nl/
6 September Pizza Express – Soho Eric Vloeimans http://ericvloeimans.nl/
30 October TBA ICP Orchestra www.icporchestra.com
31 October Southampton ICP Orchestra  
1 November TBA ICP Orchestra  
2 November Derry ICP Orchestra  
3 November Belfast ICP Orchestra  
4 November Dublin ICP Orchestra  
5 November Cork ICP Orchestra  
6 November TBA ICP Orchestra  
7 November TBA ICP Orchestra  
26 November (day) Wigan Kapok www.kapokmusic.com
26 November (evening) Altincham Kapok  
27 November TBA Kapok  
28 November Newcastle Kapok  
29 November TBA Kapok  
30 November TBA Kapok  

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