What we do

There are a large number of things which we could do. However there simply won’t be the resources, either people or financial, to do all of them immediately, so some prioritisation will be necessary. This prioritisation is currently taking place following our recent conference
The ‘long list’ of things we could do includes:

Touring and commissioning

  • Filling gaps at national/international levels not currently catered for, including the ‘mid-scale’
  • Co-marketing tours, events, festivals, concert series, clubs
  • Co-commissioning and presenting new work

Developing the jazz economy

  • Collective audience development – tours, projects and ongoing
  • Development of new ideas in promotion/presentation and marketing
  • Training/CPD and work experience for next generation promoters

Partnerships and collaboration

  • Development of this web site to make it a proper forum for jazz promoters, including a members area for subscribers
  • Active collaboration with jazz promoters and organisations elsewhere in the British Isles
  • Possible partnership and collaboration with other networks and agencies in the British Isles (e.g. MBM, EFDSS, Making Tracks, Orchestras Live, AFO etc)
  • Active collaboration/exchange with other countries’ jazz and cultural agencies – embracing active strategic support for our artists abroad
  • A national ‘industry’ event, which could encompass networking, debate, showcasing etc.

Advocacy and fundraising

  • Collective fundraising for network actions, tours and projects
  • Advocacy for live promotion in the wider cultural/social/political sphere
  • Interaction with jazz education, youth jazz, participative activity – at their various levels