Thomas Stronen Tour Report

This report has been provided by Philip Woods of Jazzlines.

We organised  two short tours for Thomas Stronen’s Time Is A Blind Guide, linked to their debut ECM records release. The first run was at the end of May and a second in early November. There were 9 dates across the two tours, which involved performances in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and one festival date at Norfolk & Norwich Festival.
For the first tour we managed to arrange for an emerging trio called Tell Tale, who we’ve been supporting via our talent development programme for a number of years, to tour in support. This was a really positive element and the trio benefitted greatly from the experience and the interaction/support of the musicians in Thomas’s band.

The reaction from audiences, and the band was very positive. The band were particularly complimentary about the venues and promoters.
Of course touring an international band is not without some considerable travel expense, so the funding which Thomas Stronen receives from the Norwegian arts council was vital in making the tour possible.