Generating Performances for British Artists Abroad

We believe that British artists are some of the most innovative and exciting in the world, and yet it can still be challenging to build careers abroad. Our longer term strategy aims to establish a more structured approach to facilitating international touring by British bands. Our first step is to illustrate current demand levels and build up a track record of placing British bands in international festivals

In the short term we are using our network of international festival contacts to get this off the ground. Following on from conversations with JPN board members at 12 Points, we have facilitated bookings including groups led by Alexander Hawkins and Shabaka Hutchings at the Ljubljana Jazz Festival, programmed by Bogdan Benigar. Jan Ole Otnaes of the Nasjonal Jazzscene Oslo has confirmed his interest and Fritz Schmuecker of the Munster Jazz Festival will take Alexander Hawkins’ new quartet with Elaine Mitchener, Neil Charles and Steve Davis. Conversations are ongoing with a number of other partners including the artistic directors of the Sarajevo Jazz Festival and Jazzdor in Strasbourg.