Jazz Promotion Network

Jazz Promotion Network is a new organisation dedicated to sharing best practice for professional and amateur jazz promoters in the UK.

Conference 2014

We held our first conference in Manchester in July 2014. Some of the points raised and photographs of the conference are shown on the ‘Conference 2014′ page.

Delegate feedback has been very positive and we are currently developing our work programme based on the conference outcomes.

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JPN Obtains Charitable Status

The Charities Commission have accepted JPN’s application to register as a charity (under the new, simplified CIO status) subject to the submission of the appropriate documentation. Huge thanks to JPN member John Riddell, solicitor and voluntary promoter, who has steered the application through a labyrinth of legal niceties to this successful conclusion.

On incorporation, the Working Group members will become the first Board members of JPN – with Board elections to be held subsequently at each AGM.

Arts Council Funding Application Submitted

Following the decisions about JPN priorities at the conference last July, JPN’s Working Group spent time in the autumn outlining a plan for the next two years. Much of it fitted with a possible approach to Arts Council England for funding.

The Group prepared an application to the Strategic Touring Fund, which was submitted to ACE for their deadline of 9 January 2015. Decisions on this round of applications will come by 2 March.

The Strategic Touring fund obviously covers touring but also has a wider dimension of audience development and the strengthening of capacity amongst promoters, particularly those that are part of a consortium. The JPN application therefore shaped the plan around five strands of activity all of which would contribute to the overall aims of the fund:

Strand One: National touring: A series of major 10-date tours selected to fill particular artistic and geographical gaps in current touring (including new commissioned work from UK bands and occasional overseas artists).

Strand Two: Regional support and development and touring: A programme of direct support work by JPN members focussed on an under-served area of England.

Strand Three: JPN conference: An annual two day networking event, held in different locations, bringing together JPN members and others involved in all aspects of the promotion of live music.

Strand Four: Website and communications: Building new online facilities: public-facing, and a JPN members’ forum for sharing information, proposing ideas etc.

Strand Five: Audience development and marketing: Action research on audiences will run throughout the project as well as enhanced high profile marketing.

Jazzahead! April 2015

In pursuit of the agreed aim of helping to represent UK jazz promoters abroad, JPN has joined with Jazz Services and others in taking a stand at the jazzahead! expo in Bremen (23-26 April 2015).

jazzahead! provides a perfect opportunity to meet and liaise with the representatives of other countries and their jazz networks – and to look to expand the number of opportunities for (currently under-represented) UK artists to perform at this annual showcase in future years.